Issue #3 Ecca Vandal

During November 2017 Ecca Vandal released her stunning debut self titled album all around Australia. Ecca and her band graciously let me tag come along and get right into the thick of things as Ecca performed her new songs in a live setting.

Photographing Ecca bounding around the stage each night was inspirational.  Shifting from an electronic groove to a punk rock swagger within the blink of an eye was something you really need to see for yourself.  I hope I’ve captured just a small percentage of Ecca’s intensity within these pages.  And it’s something that you now need to go and check out for yourself!

In February 2018, 2000 were printed and given away thanks to the support of Melbourne Bitter.  Checkout the STOCKISTS page to see where you can pick one up for free, while stocks last.  If you live in a regional area and can't get to a stockist, you can get one delivered for $10 here.