I’ve always loved print.  I grew up with it.  I love the tactile feel of having something that exists.  When I discovered music as a kid, I would scour the local newsagency on a weekly basis for anything that had pictures of my favourite bands.   I would then cut them out and make a collage on my school books.   

When I moved to Melbourne, I discovered fan zines.  A whole new way to find out about music that wasn’t being covered in commercial magazines. I loved the DIY aesthetic they adhered to and that they weren’t restricted to what they could publish in them.  

Now, you all know the story of the internet and decline in print.   How information is so quickly consumed, clicks and swipes, blah blah blah.    Being a music photographer, I started out seeing my work mostly in print.  But now most of it is resigned to being displayed on a screen.  It sucks.  

I’ve had an idea for a photography type printed zine knocking around in my brain for the past few years.   I started off my career touring with bands in vans, telling a story visually.   Documenting a point in time is something that I love, and now with the birth of Versus, I get to do it my way.  

Now I know that this may not be everyone's idea of a zine, it's a little more polished than an A5 photocopied, put together by hand, publication.  But that's the beauty of this whole thing.  I get to do it my way.  I love the aesthetics of a zine, but also love a magazine that's printed on really nice stock.  And a magazine is bigger.  I like big pictures.

So like I was saying, my way.  I choose the pictures, I decide how to tell the story, I choose the format they are shot on and how they are viewed.    It might sound selfish but the amount of times I have shot (what I think), is a great picture, visualised how it might be used and then had it cropped or displayed the size of a stamp is enough for anyone to start thinking, "what's the point?" 

So maybe I'm doing this for me artistically, just as much as I'm doing it to document a little moment in history, but hopefully you can see something more than just a bunch of pictures.    Oh yeah and there's one more thing.  

So the zine isn't actually online, it's a printed documented only.  I want you to have to go out and find a copy.  They won't be printed in huge amounts so you should subscribe to the mailing list so you know whats up.


Kane Hibberd (Kanye Lens)